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The "Willner Window" Radio Show. Your source of nutritional supplement information and interviews, weekly, for 18 years. Listen to archived mp3 audio files.

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"The Willner Window" Radio Show

The Willner Window Radio Program was broadcast every Sunday afternoon, on WOR (710AM), for sixteen years, and on WEVD for two years prior to that. The final show was December 16, 2012.

Excerpts from Previous Shows

If the show you want is not listed below, please call us at 1-800-633-1106.

Program Date Topics Discussed
8/26/2012Oral Health, Teeth, Gums, Periodontal Disease, Magnesium, Probiotics, PhytoAntioxidants, CoQ10, EPA DHA Oils
8/19/2012Calcium, Kidney Stones
8/12/2012Perspective, Grapefruit, Anti-Coagulant Bleeding
7/29/2012ADHD, Cancer, mortality, Studies Medical
7/22/2012Studies Medical, Supplement Justification, Calcium, Vit D
6/17/2012First Hour, Cardiovascular Disease, mortality, Selenium, CoQ10, Ubiquinol
5/27/2012PSA, Prostate, Urinary Tract Infections, Cranberry
5/13/2012Carnitine, Carnosine, Carotene(s), Creatine
4/1/2012Curcumin, Safety Toxicity, Turmeric, Supplement Justification, Magnesium
2/5/2012Dr Richard Podell, Vit D, Diabetes, Omega-3 Fish Oils, Brain Support (Mental Function Enhancement)
11/6/2011Immune System Support, Echinacea Combo, Maitake Mushroom (& Others), Cold and Flu, Prevention
10/30/2011Ginger, Immune System Support, Cold and Flu, Cough, Energy
10/23/2011Probiotics, Immune System Support, Constipation, Digestive Aids, Cold and Flu
7/31/2011Antioxidants, Cocoa, Buyer Beware, Cancer, P5P (Pyridoxyl 5 Phosphate) (B6)
7/24/2011Weight, Fats and Oils, Low Fat Diet, Weight Gain Body Builder
5/8/2011Macula Degeneration, Eye (Vision) Support, Fish Oil, Omega3 Supplements, Antioxidants, Lutein (Blends)
1/16/2011Kidney Stones, Calcium, Magnesium, Citrate/Citric Acid, Oxalate, Vit C
12/26/2010Power Of Common Sense, Placebo Effect, Vit D, Green Tea, Garlic
12/19/2010Sifting Through Misinformation, Vit D, Breast Cancer, Multivitamin
11/28/2010Sorting Through Misinformation, Flaxseed & Flaxseed Oil, Acrylamides, carcinogens, Antioxidants
10/31/2010Energy, Energy Drinks, Caffeine
10/3/2010Dietary Deficiencies, Supplement Justification, Alzheimers, Heart, Cranberry, Urinary Tract Infections, Prostate
8/29/2010Carnitine, Acetyl L Carnitine, GPLC Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine
10/4/2009Buyer Beware, Supplements
9/20/2009Allergy/Asthma/Sinus, Hay Fever, Liver Support & Detox
8/30/2009Antioxidants, PhytoAntioxidants
8/3/2009Digestive Aids, Enzymes Digestive Combo
7/5/2009Green Tea, Cancer
6/28/2009Health Care Costs, Supplement Justification
6/14/2009Green Tea, Cancer
6/7/2009Antioxidants, PhytoAntioxidants, Cancer
5/10/2009Migraine Relief, Feverfew, Supplement Justification
2/15/2009Mediterranean Diet, Supplement Justification, Resveratrol, Omega3 Supplements
1/11/2009Vit B12, Cognitive Decline
1/4/2009Constipation, Fiber Supplement
12/28/2008Drug, Interactions, Supplements
11/2/2008Omega3 Supplements, Cancer, Cold and Flu, Heart
10/26/2008Vit D
9/14/2008Aging, Exercise, Cardiovascular Support
9/7/2008Supplements, Flu Shot, Studies Medical
8/31/2008AHCC, Immune System Support, Cancer
5/11/2008Vitamins, Alzheimers, Huperzine, Eczema, DHA
12/30/2007Osteoporosis, Bone Support (Osteoporosis), Calcium Combo, Vit D
11/18/2007Folic Acid, Broccoli, Prostate
9/16/2007Weight Loss - General, Glycemic Index
9/9/2007Supplements, Probiotics, Breast, Colon Cancer, Cancer, Perspective
9/2/2007Menopause, Flaxseed & Flaxseed Oil, Hot Flushes, Lignans
8/26/2007Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Fish Oil, Carnitine, Arginine, Yohimbe, Pycnogenol & Pine Bark Extracts
8/19/2007Supplements, Pregnancy, Prenatal Multivitamin
8/12/2007AHCC, Immune System Support, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
7/8/2007Cancer, Vit D
6/24/2007EPA GLA Essential Oil Blends, Essential Fatty Acids, Fish Oil, Borage Oil GLA, DHA
6/17/2007Probiotics, Children, Acidophilus & other Probiotics, Eczema, Asthma
6/10/2007Coffee, Parkinsons Disease, Liver Cancer, Diabetes, Flavonols, EGCG Green Tea, Epicatechin
5/27/2007Calcium, Bone Support (Osteoporosis), Supplements, Magnesium, Multivitamin
3/25/2007Cancer, Antioxidants, Supplements
3/18/2007Prostate, Cancer, Green Tea, COX-2, EGCG Green Tea, GCP Genistein Combined Polysaccharid
2/11/2007Vit K, Calcium, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Support
2/4/2007Calcium, Cancer, Colorectal Cancer
1/28/2007Vit K, Osteoporosis, Bone Support (Osteoporosis), Heart, Cardiovascular Support, Calcium
12/24/2006Fast Food, Trans Fats, Food Nutrition
12/17/2006Probiotics, Diarrhea, H Pylori, Eczema
10/1/2006Supplements, Prevention
9/24/2006Echinacea, Cold and Flu, Fish Oil, Heart, Cancer
9/10/2006Pregnancy, Prenatal Multivitamin, Supplements
9/3/2006Supplements, Prenatal Multivitamin, Vit E, Asthma
7/9/2006Prostate, Cancer, Pomegranate
7/7/2006Calcium, Weight Loss - General
7/2/2006Asthma, Magnesium, Vit E, Zinc
6/11/2006Trans Fats, Cholesterol, Labels Food and Supplement
6/4/2006Probiotics, Cancer, Liver Support & Detox
5/21/2006Magnesium, Cancer, Copper, Zinc, Aging
4/16/2006Vit B12, Anemia, Fatigue, Absorption
4/2/2006Supplements, B Complex, Homocysteine, Vit E, Tocotrienols
3/26/2006Supplements, Food Nutrition, Vitamins, Food
5/22/2005Green Tea, EGCG Green Tea, Cancer
3/27/2005Acetyl L Carnitine, Carnitine, Arginine, Heart, Fertility
3/20/2005Vit E, Tocotrienols, Supplements
3/6/2005Men's Formula (Prostate Libido General), Weight Loss Supplements, Buyer Beware, Male Enhancement
1/30/2005Calcium, Children, Colon Cancer, Women
1/23/2005Folic Acid, Hypertension, Green Tea, Supplements
1/16/2005SAMe, Depression, CoQ10
1/9/2005Butterbur, Fast Food, Supplements, Oat Bran Fiber, Nutrition, Migraine Relief
1/2/2005Eye (Vision) Support, Supplements, Antioxidant Formulas, Lutein (Blends)
12/26/2004Vitamins, Supplements, Food, Deficiency
12/12/2004Cancer, Breast, Prostate, Selenium, Vit E, Lycopene, EGCG Green Tea, Soy Isoflavones Genistein Diadzein
11/28/2004Lycopene, Lutein (Blends), Carotene(s), Cataract, Prostate, Fibroid Tumours, Heart
4/4/2004Carbohydrates, Weight Loss - Low Carb Supplements
1/18/2004CLA/Tonalin, Weight Loss Supplements
1/17/2004Multivitamin, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
1/1/2004Weight Loss - General, CLA/Tonalin, Fiber Supplement, Carbohydrates
5/4/2003Vitamins, Overdose, Deficiency, Vit A
4/20/2003Food Allergy
10/20/2002Stroke, Dementia, Homocysteine, Cancer, Miscarriage
9/29/2002Hormone, Menopause
9/1/2002B Complex, Heart, Homocysteine, Cardiovascular Support, Prenatal Multivitamin
8/18/2002Vit E, Alzheimers, Aging
7/28/2002Aromatherapy Oils, Dementia
7/14/2002Weight Loss - Low Carb Supplements, Antioxidants, Alzheimers
7/2/2002Fatigue, Carnitine
6/30/2002Vit C, Deficiency, Preeclampsia, Vitamins
6/23/2002Multivitamin, Deficiency, Harvard Medical School
6/16/2002Prostate, Cancer, Lycopene, Vit E Selenium, Vit D, Osteoporosis
5/26/2002Green Tea, Creatine, Strength
5/12/2002Alzheimers, Beta Glucans, Calcium, Cardiovascular Support
4/21/2002Multivitamin, Evaluation
4/14/2002Aging, Multivitamin, EPA DHA Oils, Cardiovascular Support
4/7/2002Antioxidants, Cardiovascular Support, Cholesterol
3/24/2002Folic Acid, Colon Cancer, Fertility
1/1/2001Acidophilus & other Probiotics, Acetyl L Carnitine


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Picture: Top Row, from left: Dr. Podell, Don Goldberg, Sam Forbes; bottom center: Arnie Gitomer.


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