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Help / Search Tips

Here are some tips for finding products in the Willner Chemists product database:

Example: Looking for a particular "Quercetin" supplement

Problem: Entered "Quercitin" in search box. Only 2 items found!
Solution: "Quercitin" was misspelled. The two items found were also misspelled! If "Quercetin" was entered, you would have received 25 items. Even better, if "Quer" was entered, you would have received 32 items, including the two misspelled items and a few others, such as "Perque Bio-Querc"

Example: Looking for "Magnesium Aspartate"

Problem: Entered "Magnesium Aspartate", and zero items found!
Solution: If you enter "Aspartate," you will get 22 items. As you browse through the results, you see that "Magnesium" is usually abbreviated as "Mag." Therefore, if you enter "Mag Aspartate" or "Aspartate Mag" (the order does not matter), you will get 12 items, consisting of only Magnesium Aspartate supplements.

Example: Looking for "Huperzine A With Ginkgo"

Problem: Entered "Huperzine A With Ginko." Received zero items!
Solution: "Ginko" was misspelled. Best way to find this product would be to just enter "Huperzine" and you will get all five Huperzine products.

Example: Looking for a Vitamin B1 50mg supplement

Problem: Entered "Vitamin B 1" and received zero items. Entered "Vit B 1" and received zero items. Entered "Thiamine" and received only 2 items.
Solution: Enter "Vit B1" (not "Vit B 1"). Now you will receive 93 items. Still not perfect, because products such as "B12" will be included, but it is the best we can do at this time. On the other hand, if you just entered "B 1" (again with a space between B and 1), you will get over 500 items, because every record that has one word with a "B" and a second word with a "1" will be included (example: "Yohimbe 1000 +").

Problem: Hard to find certain products
Solution: We have been proactively enhancing our keyword search tool since summer 2004. Looking for "Multivitamin" supplements at this time, for example, is difficult, because not all multi's include that word in the product name ("Daily One Capsules" for example). Searching for "Daily One" by using "Multi" as a search word is not going to work. The only solution at this time is to experiment, or if you are looking for a particular product, specify that company, and browse through the results. Also, certain manufacturers have requested that we do not list their products on our web site, or in our printed catalog. If you do not see a product here, call us or send an email to [email protected] and we will work to include that product.


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