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The "Willner Window" Radio Show. Your source of nutritional supplement information and interviews, weekly, for 18 years. Listen to archived mp3 audio files.

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These links give you access to reference articles which are reprints from Willner Chemists Catalogs, Willner Window Newsletters, etc. For links to outside reference sources, click here .

5HTP: What is it? (Depression, Sleep, Migraine, Fibromyalgia)
Vitamin A & Pregnancy: How much is safe and appropriate
ADD, ADHD, Children, Essential Oils, Learning Factors.
Aging: Dietary Supplements Make Old Rats Youthful, May Help Rejuvenate Aging Humans
Alkylglycerols: Immune Simulators From The Deep (Shark Liver Oil)
Allergy Sufferers, Quercetin
American Ginseng
Antioxidant Micronutrients and risk of Breast Cancer.
Antioxidant Nutrients
Antioxidants and Cholesterol: Need for a Balanced View of the Evidence: a comment on the NEJM study.
Antioxidant Mixture: The Ultimate Antioxidant Blend, by Dr. Michael Murray
Anxiety & Kava Kava
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Are Vitamin Supplements Really Necessary?
Arthritis & Joint Inflammation
Arthritis: Nutraceutical Remedies from Nature
Arginine & The Heart
B-Vitamins and Junk Food; Foods Rich in B-Vitamins reduce health disorders.
B1: Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
B2: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2
Bioavailability: Enhanced in Supplements. Ken Israel
Bioterrorism: A Rational Approach to Protection.
Bladder Cancer and Vitamin E
Boswellin: An Alternative to NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Brain Function
Brain Nutrients/NADH
Breast Cancer - Reduced by Vitamin E
Vit. C & Cataracts
Calcium (Blood Pressure, PMS, Colon Cancer)
Calcium Citrate Osteoporosis
Cabbage, Broccoli & Bladder Cancer
Calcium Supplements & "USP" Designation (from Willner Window Radio Program)
Calcium and Magnesium--Should They Be Taken Together in the Same Supplement?
Cancer, by Kim Schoenhals: Supplements are closely correlated with reducing the risk of Cancer
Cancer & Vitamin D
Cancer, Selenium, Heart Dis.
Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes: Diseases of Civilization?
Cardiovascular Risk Factors: The Effects of Oral Vitamin Supplementation
L-Carnitine: A Nutrient That Turns Fat Into Energy
Carotene (Beta-Carotene & Carotenoids: Health Benefits) (Natural Factors)
Cataract Prevention: Multivitamins & Vitamin E May Reduce Risk
Cataracts: Vitamin C Reduces The Odds Of Developing Early-Onset Cataract
Children's Chewable Multivitamins
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Cholesterol: Natural Alternatives for Lowering Cholesterol & Triglycerides
Cholesterol: What Is It? Supplements and Guidlines
Cholesterol, High (Hyperlipidemia) - Treatments.
Choline, Inositiol, Lipoic Acid
Chromium, Vanadium and Glucose Balance (Dr. Michael Murray)
CLA, Body Fat Reduction Connection: Additional Studies Confirm
Cobat: Most Potent Anti-Fatigue Compound Ever Discovered
Coca Cola - Conflict of Interest
Colon Cancer, Folate and Multivitamins May Prevent
Improving CoQ10 Absorption with Bipoerine?, the Herbal Bioenhancer
CoQ10 & Vitamin E: "Clear Q Technology" (Natural Factors)
Coral Calcium: Separating Fact from Fiction. Dr. Michael Murray
Coronary Heart Disease: Relationship Between Homocysteine and B-vitamins
Creatine, Magnesium & Energy (Albion Research Labs)
Creatine Builds Muscle
Curry, Curcumin, Berries - Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammatory. Ralph Moss
DGL: A Licorice Extract for Peptic Ulcers (Duodenal & Gastric)
Diabetes: A New Treatment. Glucosol
Diindolylmethane: The Better Choice For Estrogen Metabolism (DIM)
Vitamin E: Vitamin E Concentrations Inadequate In Many US Adults
Echinacea vs. the Common Cold (Dr. Richard Podell, Nutrition Science News & Willner Window)
ENADA Reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Free Radicals and Antioxidants - Prevention & Treatment of Disease. Andreas Papas, Ph.D.
Garlic: Antibotic/Anticholestrl
Gastrointestinal Healing & Support (RevitalX, Natural Factors)
Ginseng (Panax, or Asian)
Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo & Alzheimers
GLA & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Grapeseed Extract Protects Against Atherosclerosis
Gum & Tooth Disorders
Gum Guggul: Ayurvedic Herb for Heart Disease
Healing, Immunity and Anabolics (Zinc, Arginine) by Max Motyka, R.Ph. M.S. (Albion)
Health People Need Vitamin Mineral Supplements - Here's Why. (Health Notes)
Herbal Extracts: Manufacturing -- A Visit to Nature's Answer by Arnie and Don
Herbs in Rheumatology
Homeopathy and Homeopathic Resources
Homocysteine & Cardiovascular Disease
Homocysteine: High Levels Raise Death Risk from Heart Disease
Homocysteine: What Is It? Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D.
Immune System Nutrients
Impotence, Male Sexual
Infections, in Diabetics, Reduced by Multivitamins
IP6: A Cure For Cancer?
Ipriflavone & Osteoporosis
Iron Supplements: Yes or No
Junk Food Diet Leads to Scurvy.
Kampo, Herbal Medicine of Japan
Lecithin & Choline
Lipoic Acid, Alpha
Lipoic Acid, information from Dr. Michael Murray.
Lung, Bronchial and Sinus Healthand for product info, click here.
Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Roche Nutrafacts
Lutein (Natural Factors)
Lyme's Disease
Maitake & Cholesterol
Marine Lipids (Fish Oils & Omega 3) - Pharmaceutical Grade . Dr. Michael Murray
Mastic Gum
Medical Studies; Who Do You Trust?
Men's Health
Men's Health - Anti Aging and Your Prostate: A Role for Flower Pollen
Medicinal Mushrooms
Migraine Headaches: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Milk Thistle
Don't Skip the Mint - Homeopathic Applications
Mood, Mind, Mental Relax
MSM: The Sulfur That Keeps You Healthy
Multivitamins, Why Take?
A Medical Doctor's View
Mushroom Supplements: New Developments and New Products
Nattokinase: The Enzyme of Enzymes, by Dr. N. Calvino & interview with Don Goldberg, R.Ph.
Omega 3 Oils: Pharmaceutical Grade Marine Lipids and your Health
Osteoarthritis and Glucosamine; Heart Disease: Orange Juice or Vitamins?
Osteoporosis, Ipriflavone
Pantethine & a Healthy Heart
Pellegra, Vitamin Deficiencies, Suboptimal Nutrition?
Pomegranate Juice: Prevents Heart Disease and Cancer; Juice or Concentrate?
Prenatal Mulvitamins & Requirements. (Dr. Michael Murray, Natural Factors)
Probiotic Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions
Probiotic Storage and Usage Comparison Table
Prostate: Your Healthy Prostate
Regulated Or Not? -- Are Dietary Supplements "Unregulated?"
RDA's: Why Take Higher Amounts of Vitamins?
Relora - For Management of Stress. Ellen Kamhi, PhD
St. John's Wort
Selenium Protects Against Prostate Cancer
Seniors Require Multivitamin Supplements
Siberian Ginseng
Soy Protein & Isoflavones (Heart Disease, Cancer, Phytoestrogens, Genistein, Menopause
Sterols and Stanols, from plants, fight disease.
Stinging Nettle: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; Different Parts of Plant Have Different Uses
Smart Nutrients, MemoryTocotrienols
Supplements: Why Take?
Surgery - Antioxidant Vitamins Prevent Complications
Teen Years - Nutritional Requirements
USP Designation, and Calcium Supplements (Willner Window Sep 1999)
L-Theanine and GABA Promote Relaxation and Combat Stress; Zen in a Bottle: The Anti-Stress Effects of L-Theanine
Tocotrienols and Vitamin E (Dr. Michael Murray, Natural Factors)
Unregulated Dietary Supplements - Not Really True, In Spite of Media Repetition
Vegetarian Diets - Vitamin Supplements Are Essential
Vitamins: More May Be Too Many? by Dr. Andreas Papas and Dr. Gus Papas
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Vitamin P - Grape Seed & Grape Skin Flavonoids


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