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The Willner Window Product Reference Catalog, Autumn, 2013
since 1911
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the nutritional supplement professionals
Doctor’s Best
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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While water may be the ‘source of all life’, it
could mean trouble for the curcumin supple-
ment you’re taking. Most curcumin supplements
have limited potency due to their poor absorp-
tion when taken orally. In fact, curcumin mol-
ecules normally mix very poorly in water and
are quickly destroyed by it.
Curcumin Phytosome featuring
, the gold standard of curcumin
dietary supplements, uses patented Phytosome
technology to wrap each curcumin molecule
with one or more molecules of phosphatidyl-
choline (PC), and this envelope of PC helps the
curcumin disperse in the water phase while
shielding it from water damage.
Phytosomes Naturally Enhance
Curcumin Biological Activity
Studies have demonstrated that supple-
mentation with the curcumin-PC phytosome results
in dramatically higher blood curcumin levels, and
that Meriva curcumin is absorbed 10 times better
than non-phytosome curcumin.
Phytosomes are molecular complexes formed
between curcumin and PC molecules. After a phy-
tosome arrives at the intestinal lining, the PC mol-
ecule readily merges with the outer cell mem-
branes and the curcumin molecule passes into
their interior. Then, the intestinal cells release the
curcumins into the circulating blood.
Phytosome Curcumins Support
Key Cell Membrane Functions
PC is a phospholipid that was one of the
first “health foods,” and multiple clinical trials
have documented PC’s support for liver, intestin-
al, lung and circulatory health.
PC’s clinical benefits derive mainly from its
central role in cell membranes, the structures
upon which most of the cell’s energy is generat-
ed and utilized to support life.
PC is a universal building block for cell
membranes. It is irreplaceable for building, grow-
ing and repairing the membrane matrix, and for
ensuring its structural and functional compe-
Numerous clinical studies have proved that
PC helps preserve cell membrane systems against
toxic or viral attack.
Curcumins and Your Cellular Health
The curcumins are potent cell membrane pro-
tectants, as they are versatile antioxidants that help
prevent “free-radical” damage from oxygen and
nitrogen-centered oxidants. They inhibit free radical
attack on the cell, whether on the DNA and genes,
the mitochondria that generate energy, or the mem-
brane system.
Membranes are especially vulnerable to free
radical attack, and the presence of curcumin helps
guard them against destruction from lipid peroxida-
Curcumins’ protective capacities extend far
beyond their antioxidant actions, as evidenced
from their protection of joint tissues against out-
of-control destructive activity by the body’s
immune system.
Joint Health & CRP Management
Produced by the liver and released into the
blood, C-reactive protein (CRP) is a clinically rele-
vant indicator of whole-body and joint health.
Blood hs-CRP is very low in healthy individu-
als, but becomes increased when the immune sys-
tem is active against tissue damage.
In the human Meriva trial, subjects who
received Meriva had a marked lowering of their ele-
vated CRP levels after 2 months. This was a statis-
tically significant benefit as compared to the place-
bo group, which experienced no appreciable lower-
ing of CRP.
Always Ask For the Best
A science-based formula made with the highest
quality ingredients available,
Phytosome featuring Meriva
is delivered at
clinically tested potency and offered at an afford-
able price. If you would like more information about
this or any other Doctor’s Best products, please call
800-333-6977, or visit our website
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