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The Willner Window Product Reference Catalog, Autumn, 2013
since 1911
? Willner Chemists ?
the nutritional supplement professionals
New Chapter
25% Off All
New Chapter
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Certifed Organic by International Certifcation Services, Inc., Medina, ND, USA ? 2013 New Chapter, Inc.
New Chapter Delivers
New Chapter? believes in the whole-food approach to
natural health, so all of our multivitamins are whole-food
complexed for your beneft. The vitamins and minerals
in New Chapter multivitamins are carefully cultured with
probiotics and organic vegetables to create dynamic
networks of nutrients that can be taken anytime—even on
an empty stomach. In addition, our multis include targeted
herbal blends that help support critical areas of men’s
and women’s health. Many of the herbs are whole-food
complexed, just like the vitamins and minerals.
Committed to Organics and Non-GMO
There’s another important factor when choosing a multi-
vitamin: considering its wider impact on human health and
the planet. New Chapter has been working toward an organic,
sustainable world since we began in 1982. Many of our
vitamin, mineral, and herbal products, including
all of our multivitamins, are made with organic
vegetables and herbs.
We have also long been committed to avoiding genetically
modifed organisms (GMOs) whenever possible. More than
85% of our products have already been granted verifed
status by the Non-GMO Project. In fact, we are the frst
vitamin and supplement company to achieve this
extraordinary depth of verifcation.
Formulated for
We know well how nutrient needs for men and women can be
diferent. The same can be said for people under 40 versus
over 40 years of age, or who have a specifc need such as
supporting immune health. At New Chapter, we take exacting
care with each nutrient and tonic herbal blend to provide tar-
geted daily multis for your life stage and your needs. Discover
which New Chapter multi is perfect for you!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Every Man’s One Daily
72 Tablets
Item # 58447
Retail Price $59.95
Willner Chemists $35.97
Every Woman’s One Daily
72 Tablets
Item # 58442
Retail Price $59.95
Willner Chemists $35.97
Every Man’s One Daily 40+?
72 Tablets
Item # 61497
Retail Price $69.95
Willner Chemists $41.97
Every Woman’s One Daily 40+?
72 Tablets
Item # 61503
Retail Price $69.95
Willner Chemists $41.97
Perfect Energy
96 Tablets
Item # 63170
Retail Price $71.95
Willner Chemists $43.17
Perfect Calm
72 Tablets
Item # 59550
Retail Price $41.95
Willner Chemists $25.17
Perfect Immune
96 Tablets
Item # 60923
Retail Price $74.95
Willner Chemists $44.97
Perfect Prenatal
192 Tablets
Item # 58560
Retail Price $84.95
Willner Chemists $50.97