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The Willner Window
Catalog & Newsletter: Autumn 2013
? Fish Oils and Cancer
Is there a connection? (see page 8)
? EPA & DHA--The Most Important Nutrients Since Vitamins!
A “must-read” book that will answer your questions about omega-3 oils! (See page 36)
? Cancer--Can EPA & DHA Prevent Cancer?
A convincing excerpt from the book by Jorn Dyerberg, MD & R. Passwater, Ph.D.! (See page 59)
? Overactive Bladder
Research supports efficacy of herbal treatment, for women and men. (See page 86)
? Food Guidelines for Athletes
Power, performance & recovery with plant based foods and supplements! (See page 92)
? Vitamin B12. Should You Swallow?
Can you avoid injections? Does sublingual work? . . . Nasal Spray? (See page 120)
? Why Take Nutritional Supplements?
An excerpt from The Best Supplements For Your Health, Chapter One. (See page 93)
? Psoriasis: Are You Frustrated With Treatment Options?
Natural Remedies are available . . . have you tried them? (See page 122)
? Mental Decline: Can You Reduce The Odds?
Which nutritional supplements can help? (See page 124)
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