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Zinc and immunity

Zinc and immunity

Zinc helps regulate the immune response, including the function of "T-cells" a type of white blood cell that defends the body against pathogens and cancers. T-cell function declines with age.

In this study, 31 adults age 65 and older, living in a care facility and deficient in zinc, took a placebo or 30 mg of zinc per day. All participants had zinc levels below 70 mcg/deciliter of blood at the start of the study. After three months, while there was no change for placebo, zinc levels had increased an average of 16 percent in the zinc group. Doctors also measured changes in T-cell function and found the number of T-cells had increased significantly in the zinc group.

(Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; January, 2016, Published Online)    


Additional Comments from Don Goldberg

We recently introduced a new product in the PhytoTech line called “ZincImmune Plus.” I am excited about this product, and even though it was targeted towards the “cold and flu” season, as you can tell from the above study on zinc and its effect on immune function, it is potentially valuable for any situation calling for immune system support.

Willner Chemists Phyto-Tech Herbal Supplements
ZincImmune Plus
Zinc Elderberry Umckaloabo Echinacea - Alcohol Free
4 fl ounces - product code: 66271

A blend of immune-enhancing herbal supplements and zinc, specifically chosen for their effectiveness against cold and flu infections.

Who would benefit from this supplement? Anyone needing a quick boost to their immune system, especially at the first sign of a cold or flu. Even though cold and flu are different, and caused by a different virus, most people do not know for sure which they have at the early stages. For this reason, the nutrients and herbs in this formulation have been chosen to cover both. Elderberry, for example, is thought to be more effective for the flu and Umckaloabo,, or Pellargonium, is known for its effect against colds. Zinc is essential to proper immune system function and Echinacea is well known for its traditional value.

Ingredients: Phyto-Tech ZincImmune Plus is a pleasant tasting liquid that contains the following, per teaspoon (5 ml): Zinc, 15 mg (as Zinc Glycinate); Elderberry Fruit, Organic, 350 mg; Umckaloabo Root (Pellargonium), 100 mg; Echinacea angustifolia Root, Organic, 50 mg; Stevia Leaf Extract, 0.5 mg. Other ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Deionized Water, Organic Elderberry and Blackberry Juice Concentrates, Citric Acid.

Indications: Both colds and flu (influenza) are viral diseases. Colds are more of a respiratory infection while the flu is more of a systemic condition, characterized predominately by fever, malaise and muscle aches. Conventional medicine does not really offer an effective cure or preventive treatment for colds and flu. There is a vaccine, but it's effectiveness has been limited. These viruses are around us most of the time, and we are most susceptible in the winter. Interestingly enough, not everyone succombs. Why is that. Speculation centers on the strength of an individuals immune system. Some of us seem better able to withstand the virus than others. One logical approach to prevention, therefor, relies on strengthening our immune system, both to avoid catching the cold or flu, and to shorten the duration and reduce the severity if we do catch it. This is where immune-enhancing herbs, vitamins and minerals come into play. ZincImmune Plus is one supplement designed to satisfy that need.

Description: The synergistic blend of immune-enhancing herbs and minerals. See listing in the PhytoTech reference catalog for additional details.

Dosage: One teaspoonful (5 ml), two to four times daily or as directed by a physician. Do not take for more than three consecutive days. Longer use should be accompanied by additional copper supplementation (1-2 mg per day). Keep out of the reach of children. Shake well before using. Do not use when pregnant unless approved by doctor.

This product is kosher and gluten-free.

Willner Chemists Phyto-Tech Herbal Supplements
ZincImmune Plus
Zinc Elderberry Umckaloabo Echinacea - Alcohol Free
4 fl ounces - product code: 66271

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